Confessions of a housewife.

I killed the kettle!

It was me.  I don’t want to explain how;  it isn’t pretty, but the truth is I killed the kettle.  After boiling a pan of water this morning to make a cup of tea, we discussed in bed, while drinking the said cup of tea, how we were going to handle the tragedy.  The obvious answer was a cheapy from Tesco.

But being the sort people who like “different” we have gone for the alternative kettle.

To paint the scene, we have a gas tank standing in the yard FULL of gas that needs using up.  In 2 years we have used 25% of the tank, since we have changed our heating system to be fueled solely by the wood burner and we only use gas for cooking.  An engineer came to check on our tank the other day and suggested we change to cylinders instead of the tank but he said we need to run the tank down to empty first.  It’ll take a while!

We have acquired Grandma’s kettle which stands on the wood burner and warms water that we use for washing up or hot water bottles.  It is full of limescale, so we haven’t used it for making tea, but now the electric kettle has died, I think its time to sort the limescale.

In the interim a little camping kettle is keeping us tea-ed up; a little camping kettle on the hob.  It uses the gas.  It does the job.  And I’ve even dared to use the already warmed water from Grandma’s kettle.  We really need to find a better whistle for Grandma’s kettle and clean out the limescale.  It’s not a pretty kettle, as one might envisage a copper kettle, but it is pretty unique!

It all feels so different.  I no longer flick a switch, and it takes longer.  I have to learn to listen for the whistle.  Long may the novelty last.

Listen for the whistle!

Cup of tea, anyone?


About deerfeet

I am a home-educating mother of four children. We live on a small holding in Wales and my husband is active in local politics and the lead pastor of our church, Festival Church.
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One Response to Confessions of a housewife.

  1. Robin says:

    backwards to go forwards seems to be a new ish mantra of mine, cant wait to get home to it. slower is not inferior, a lesson we all should learn. Up the Ludites! is it Double D? (not meant to be rude)

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