A Play – in a car.

This conversation takes place in a car on the way to an evening children’s club.  It takes place after a problem with one of the seat belts and makes the driver feel a part of history!

Mother: Well, when I was little some cars didn’t have seat belts.

One Who Seeks After Wisdom (hereafter to be known as OWSAW): Yes, but in Africa everyone rides around on the roofs.

Mother: Rides on the roofs?

Friendship: Yes, on the landrovers, they always ride on the roofs.

One Who Fights For Justice (hereafter to be known as OWFFJ): Did you ever ride on the roof, Mummy?

Mother: Well, yes actually, we did.  We used to get ride on the roof-rack sometimes.

OWFFJ: On what sort of roads was that?

Mother: Unimportant ones, like farm tracks and it would only be occasionally, like when we were going for a picnic or something like that. It was a bit like when Daddy lets you ride on the landrover.

Friendship: Like when he lets us ride on the bonnet on the track or around the field?

Mother: Yes, just like that.

OWSAW: Did you have a landrover?

Mother: No.

OWFFJ: What sort of car did you have?

Mother: We had a yellow Datsun.

OWFFJ: What’s that?

Mother: Well, the best way that can describe it is, you know the car that they put Aunt Sally into, in Worzel Gummidge, when they find her lying in the barn?  It’s like that.

OWSAW: Mr Peter’s car?

Mother: That’s it!

(Peaceful One remains silent throughout)

(NB.  No scripture verse springs to mind!)

About deerfeet

I am a home-educating mother of four children. We live on a small holding in Wales and my husband is active in local politics and the lead pastor of our church, Festival Church.
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