A Play.

One Who Searches For Wisdom:  Mum, do you know what the oldest thing on earth is?

Mother: (disengaging herself from her book)  Sorry, what did you say?

One Who Searches For Wisdom:  What is the oldest thing on earth?

Mother:  Is this a joke?

One Who Searches For Wisdom:  No.

Mother:  Umm…No, I don’t know.

One Who Searches For Wisdom:  Light.

Mother(Pondering)  I guess you’re right.  (Thinking again)  Unless, it’s water because the Bible says that the Spirit was hovering over the waters of the deep.  I don’t know. (Looking at One Who Searches For Wisdom)  You have an amazing gift for observing unusual things like that.  I’ve noticed it a lot recently in the things you’ve said, especially at Bible study time.

One Who Searches For Wisdom:  I find it interesting to think about things that I read about in the Bible and learn about in my school work.

Mother:  It means that you will be full of wisdom and will be able to help other people understand God and understand the Bible.

One Who Fights For Justice:  (jealously)  Well, I find it much more interesting to be outside doing things because I want to be a farmer so I won’t need to know things like that.

Mother:   You’re good at different things.  You’re very good at doing and being active, but you can learn about God in the things you do.  You can learn about God from nature, aswell as reading your Bible.  You need a lot of wisdom to work the land because we are really only tenants – like the people who rent our houses.  They don’t own them.  We don’t own the land but, in a sense, rent it from God.  But when you are working closely with nature you can see God’s handwriting in it.  It’s like when we get a letter from Ouma, we know who it is from, by the writing on the envelope.  We recognise the writing because we know Ouma and because you know God, you’ll be able to recognise His handwriting in the things around you.  You’ll learn about Him and feel close to Him in the things that you do.

Disclaimer: This conversation really did happen, but the names may have been changed!

Hebrews 12.2 “…the author and perfecter of our faith…”

About deerfeet

I am a home-educating mother of four children. We live on a small holding in Wales and my husband is active in local politics and the lead pastor of our church, Festival Church.
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